Pablo Sebastian Rojas, 1980

E-Mail: talu(at)

Current project: Munguau Project (director)
MUNGUAU Project consists of a series of artistic and cultural activities which take place in Argentina and the Republic of Korea. (see attachment)

Exhbitions, Published works:

- Visual Performance at Pacha Club Buenos Aires, Nikon Festival
- 360° Interactive video "Bunny Song" for KATO
- 360° Interactive video for Music Band Catupecumachu for KATO

- 360° Interactive Work at Outsiders Festival, Buenos Aires
- 360° Interactive Work at TDGM 09,, Mar del Plata
- 360° Interactive Work at Ekopary IT Security Conference , C.C. Konex, Buenos Aires
- 360° Interactive Work and visual live performance at 3DAnimationRocks, C.C. Borges, Buenos Aires
- 360° Photography for Video Clip "Ella" Tan Biónica, Directed by Juan Chapa – over a million views on youtube
- Exhibition at Constelación, Buenos Aires - Exhibition at Carrusel, Arsenal Fireworks, Buenos Aires
- Solo Exhibition 360 at Haru Gallery, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

- Photography on Journalist Sohn Mina Book “dasi gaseumi tteugeowo jeora” ISDN: 9788915073302
- Exhibition at Poética Móvil, FDACMA space, Puerto Madryn, Argentina
- Exhibition at Axel Hotel, Arsenal Fireworks, Buenos Aires
- Exhibition at Lino Divas Project, Clorofilial 2.0, Buenos Aires
- Collective Exhibition at Festival Abajo, Ushuaia, Argentina

- Urban Interventions in the cities of Dusseldorf and Berlin, Germany.
- Collective Exhibition at the headquarters of the F.D.A.C.M.A.


- Solo exhibition "Panoramicas Verticales" at Albricias Cultural Centre Barcelona, Spain. - Solo exhibition "Panoramicas Verticales" at Alliance Franc?aise Buenos Aires.


- Solo exhibition at Casa Pringles.
- Collective exhibition in Militancy Homo.
- Solo exhibition at School of Photographic Art of Avellaneda


- Participation at project Philoctetes, Berlin.
- Solo exhibition "01110100" at School of Photographic Art of Avellaneda
- Solo exhibition "01110100" El Progreso Cinema (Government of Buenos Aires)

- "Philoctetes Project: Lemnos in Buenos Aires' urban intervention by Emilio Garcia Wehbi, - Collective exhibition in Photo gallery, C.C. Rojas University of Buenos Aires